A snappy title

Two Midols + two iced coffees = holy shitmuffins, why is the world plunging through space? Which technically it was doing even before the caffeine overload, but now it’s happening BEFORE MINE EYES. Oh, sweet Moses, I’m about to fall off my chair. Also, for some reason, wordpress isn’t showing me a cursor as I type, and it is difficult to revise any sentences with the mouse scuttling all over the desk like that. Hold still, you.

Okay, so the reason for the coffees was that they were free, and I cannot resist free things, my people, even if they’re bad for me. They were free because I got my hair cut today, and the hair salon provides all sorts of caffeinated goodies for their patrons. When I pay $40 for a haircut, by gum, I get my money’s worth! I’m devolving into girly-ness just this once because I’m absolutely thrilled with my stylist, and even though $40 is more than I’d ever want to pay for a pair of jeans, a plane ticket or a new car, she’s totally worth it.

P.S. If you think my hair looks bad, don’t tell me because I will a) punch you in the kneecap, and b) cry.

As you may know, I spend a lot of time with my cats. I like to think that I’ve been welcomed into their cat herd, much like Julie of the Wolves. I’m sensitive to their needs, and they are sensitive to mine. For example, Harriet knows that I don’t want her on my lap every single time I sit down, and it only takes being shoved violently to the ground six or seven times before she submits to curling up next to me instead.

Max, though. Max is a kindred spirit. If I were really to give you what you want on this blog, it would be all Max, all the time. Who can resist him? He’s tender, edgy, erudite, and he looks great in a swimsuit. He’s always up for a discussion of literature, religion, ethics, history. Some sample items he’s brought to my attention recently:

Steinback writes that all stories are fundamentally about good and evil: discuss. Do you find it difficult to read G.K. Chesterton because of his racism and pomposity, even though you know he’s an excellent writer/thinker? Which of the following annoy you the most: Democrats, Republicans, libertarians or independents?

That last one’s a trick question. Max hasn’t followed politics since 2006 when he discovered that catnip was legal. He didn’t even vote in the last presidential election. Politics nauseate him:

He’ll be happy to ponder all other questions you may wish to pose. A deeper, more thoughtful cat you’ll never find.


~ by themeansister on March 24, 2010.

8 Responses to “A snappy title”

  1. Love the hair, my darling. I can’t wait to see it in person in 50 hours! 🙂

  2. Wow! What a babe! Nice hair cut too.

  3. Max IS pretty babe-alicious.

  4. Max appears to be back to his portly and adorable former self, and as for you, WOW! Beautiful!

  5. Wow! I’d pay 40 bucks for that, too! Looks amazing!

  6. sweet hair…

  7. Thanks, guys!

  8. Hubba, hubba! Does this mean that we’ll have a visit in which I don’t spend a day cutting hair?

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