Sweet, sweet candy

I’m making caramel corn for Superbowl snacking. Mmmm, smells delish. I’ll send you some.

Anyway, every fifteen minutes the timer goes off for me to stir it, giving me the opportunity to check on Himself. He’s untrustworthy. He is supposed to be doing a little leisure reading, and he has the PERFECT novel for this pursuit: a novel he’s had enough interest in to check out of the library no fewer than 3 times (nerd potential!), a novel that was given to him recently by a fellow historian of science (nerd generosity!), a novel involving 17th century medical experimentation and references to Leiden and Sylvius (nerd love!), a novel recommended by one of his advisers (nerd approved!). What is the problem here? But he keeps putting it down to browse his Wheelock’s Latin grammar instead and I have to smack him with a rolled up newspaper.

Speaking of papers, he did find this little gem in the metro paper for me last week:

Gor’ blimey. A century of sentiment. Sounds disgusting.

We got about 15 inches of snow. This makes me happy but not satisfied. I want a blizzard, please. Max concurs. Harriet abstains.

GO COLTS! I guess.


~ by themeansister on February 7, 2010.

11 Responses to “Sweet, sweet candy”

  1. I really am expecting you to send some carmel corn.

  2. You spelled “caramel” incorrectly. No corn for you.

  3. He he….

  4. Dang. It’s just that I’ve been expending all my energy on my papers, and let one tiny typo slip. Pity me, and send me CARAMEL corn.

  5. All is forgiven. Meet me at the intergalactic secret hiding place, and bring your infrared goggles.

  6. AND…..you’re going to get that snow! I’m so jealous…we only have about 5 new inches with maybe 5 more to come. Two more feet forecast for Long Island!

  7. I was there at the usual time, why weren’t you?

  8. Snowed in, yippee!

  9. Boo hiss.

  10. I’ve also tried to read that novel. It just isn’t that good.

  11. It has some good points but is EXTREMELY tedious.

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