Piffle and rot

I’m in the middle of a standoff with a stinkbug in my bedroom. We had an infestation of them for some weeks – clinging to the screen door, crunching unpleasantly between Max’s jaws, sneaking in and lighting our rugs on fire when we weren’t looking – until the weather turned and they all died off. This one persists. We keep the bedroom door closed to prevent Harriet from her infrequent yet persuasive bathroom accidents on our linens, so the bug can’t be getting much in the way of food. He or she just sits on the blinds day in and day out. I could release or kill him/her/it, but I’m strangely intrigued. How long will he/she/it persist?

Mean Sister, old girl, you may be saying. I think it’s time you got a hobby. Single-player backgammon is all the rage right now, so there’s no shame in indulging in one’s baser urges. Slap out that old game board and get cracking.

Yes, now that you mention it, I AM back into reading 19th and early 20th century English literature – what of it? It’s what I do when left to my own devices.

Also, night-time walks in the rain. I got to try out my new coat – aren’t I smashing? Or as my dear friend and confidant, Jay Nord…, would say, I’m pleased as punch with my own bad self. How I do love that man.


For many of the same reasons, I adore Dorothy L. Sayers. If she were alive, I’d erect a little shrine for her decorated with red paper cutouts and snippets of her hair and simpering fan mail that had been returned unopened, to be sure, but at least gazed upon by her artistic eye. I might even lovingly commit a few murders for Lord Peter to solve – oh, rapturous thought!

I found a copy of The Documents in the Case at a used bookstore (that specializes in mysteries) downtown the other day, and I’ve had her on the brain since. I just finished the book for the first time today and was pleased to note towards the end two broad references to Poe and Wilkie Collins’ The Moonstone. I visited one of Poe’s Philadelphia homes just last week, complete with creepy cellar – he wrote “The Black Cat” while living there – and I’m several chapters into The Moonstone. Coincidences? Or am I somehow connected with Sayers’ ectoplasmic literary aura?

It’s difficult to say.


~ by themeansister on October 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Piffle and rot”

  1. Could those be Box Elder bugs?…they have similar irritating habits of hatching out and hanging about in houses.

  2. Nope, definitely stink bugs. A strange infestation, to be sure, but thankfully, it’s over except for our one remaining friend.

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