Chicago; or, Old news and you should probably just punch me in the head

You know when you’re down to half a roll of toilet paper in the whole house and while sitting there you think to yourself, “Maybe I could be planning my life a little better”?

I have all these pictures from the 4th of July weekend. I don’t want to waste them, but at the moment, all I can remember of WAY THE HELL back then are snippets. Captions, really. You deserve better. Visiting old haunts in LP, going to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, which I haven’t been to since I was, what? eight?, I had all these deep thoughts about continuity of the individual, memory, etc.  Verdammte scheisse, that was a strange experience. Not entirely pleasant. The circus exhibit is creepy enough on its own, but the weirdest thing was how it played with my sense of self. I couldn’t remember what would happen when I looked through the portholes cut into the doors, but somehow I knew, I had a sense of what I would see. I stood there after the rest of the group had passed by, grinning at myself like an idiot. Remembering how it felt to be eight.

Anyway, LaPorte: canoeing, kayaking, complaining that the new owners of my grandparents house on the lake TOTALLY FLIPPING RUINED IT, sushi and shrimp kabobs, local color at the 4th of July parade, Mom’s car named Baby, gentlemen on tractors hitting on my mom, food, wine, and glorious soporificity.










Chicago: dilapidated mural that somehow managed to touch the heart (or, you know, that place in the center and slightly to the left of your chest, whatever it’s called), absolutely wonderful-thrilling-not-to-be-matched discovery of the same edition of the Chronicles of Narnia that I grew up with (and bought – BAM! 20 bucks or something), model of Chicago, model artists with senses of humor, American-captured German U-boot, sundae at the ice cream parlor I yearned for as a kid, and finally…








Death’s Head and Himself discover they could have earned a degree in SCIENCE in just five minutes (you should really click on that link).


Such a relief to get that out of the way. Ta ta, darlings.


~ by themeansister on July 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “Chicago; or, Old news and you should probably just punch me in the head”

  1. I am intrigued by the pants and long sleeves at the parade. Shouldn’t you all be in the skimpiest clothes possible and wishing you were naked at that time of year, or is Indiana having as weird and cold a summer as Ontario is?

    Also, I totally recognize that stretch of road in the picture of your mom and the tractors. My mom once ran out into road right at that spot to take a picture of me and Rebecca in the parade…must have been sophomore year? Anyhow, she got right up in our faces with the camera, and I’m looking really annoyed and Becca is cracking up laughing. It’s a great photo. And your pictures are making me all nostalgic.

    Speaking of nostalgia, are you going to the reunion?

  2. It was cold, if you can believe it! And a bit damp. Ha ha, do you have that picture on facebook? I’d love to see it.

    I was going to go to the reunion, but I’ll actually be in Seattle. It’s funny – I had been looking forward to it for years and now it’s one of the few weekends we can’t make it. Oh, well. Probably the main purpose would be to see if any of the popular people somehow became miserable, and I can do that on facebook already. 🙂

  3. It’s not on FB, but I’m pretty sure I have it around here someplace. I’ll have to scan it in.

    I’m not going either – there are a few people I’d love to see (you of course being one of them!) but after blowing all our vacation time in Zanzibar we just don’t have the time or the money to make the trip. And you’re right, the primary purpose has already been accomplished 🙂

  4. That would be great.

    Okay, actually I’m probably not FB friends with anyone whose imminent demises I would wish, and I’m kind of bummed that we won’t be able to go. I think Zanzibar is a FABULOUS trade!

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