Portrait of an evening (sort of)

Yeah, you’d prefer some more words, maybe a story line, but this’ll have to do for the moment.

What to do on a Friday night? AWESOME LATIN READING GROUP. Hip stuff. Edgy. You know?


Maritus meus maximus est.


I don’t know if I could get much hotter.


Drinking beer from a brandy glass.

“It just tastes better.”




Not pictured: me wringing my waste of space cat’s neck for being a damned nuisance.


~ by themeansister on June 26, 2009.

9 Responses to “Portrait of an evening (sort of)”

  1. Ssalvete! That’s my baby sister. HOT STUFF. Or, in the feeling of the evening: fervens effercio. Labor me vocat. Eo!

  2. I hope these pictures don’t cause other people to feel dissatisfied with their own, non-Latin-y Friday nights. Losers.

  3. I like how I give the impression that maybe I was also studying Latin, instead of watching Damien Walters take his clothes off.

  4. The pictures on your living room wall need leveled.

  5. Actually, Favorite Child, it’s Joel and Cristine’s apt. Z and E have yet to acquire their own awesome brown leather couch! See you tomorrow!

  6. Everyone’s a critic (wait, no, just YOU). I’ll sic the Sickly Child on you.

  7. …and Mom, I’m the Favoite Child (that’s how I was eliminated in the 2nd grade spelling bee).

  8. You’ll always be The Brother to me.

  9. All this time I’ve been reading it as if it were spelled correctly! Oh, those spelling bees and the gray hair that followed them. See? See?

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