Ponytails and ponies’ tails

I’m a sucker for ponytails. I can’t remember what brought up this subject in my head, probably the fact that Himself is far overdue for a haircut. Which I probably thought of because he was planning to get his hair cut a few weeks ago while he was out picking up some brake fluid for the van (he didn’t do either). Which now, in addition to the twiddly brake light “issue,” is making an ominous creaking, wrenching noise every time I turn the wheel. Hooray, American-made cars! Or, possibly, go hang yourselves.

At any rate, I’m supposed to be out on a walk right now, but my escort is inexplicably absent. Hmm…do I have any embarrassing photos to share with you while we’re waiting? Yes, thank fortune, I DO. (Incidentally, the very words that got me into my present jam. Or jelly, if you prefer.)


This is from Christmas 2001 in Germany. He grew out his hair for me while I was gone that year, went through the agonizing in-between phases, and then hacked it all off shortly before I came home. Just when it had, in fact, reached ponytail length. Gee, thanks. Now he says I should write you all posts about my experiences in Saarbruecken, but honey, there’s not enough liquor in the house to get me through talking about THAT train wreck. Best just to forget it ever happened.

I went to the circus this weekend, courtesy of The Sickly Child, whose account you can read here. We had a good time (thanks, TSC!), but the circus itself was fairly…sad. The acrobats were neat, but the best part was when they fell (no injuries – I’m MEAN, not inhumane). The animals didn’t look too abused – dull, lifeless, and resigned to their fates, perhaps, but not abused. The clowns were abominable, and I don’t even have a problem with clowns. Don’t hold it against me that we drank Bud Light afterwards.


~ by themeansister on March 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ponytails and ponies’ tails”

  1. Oh my goodness! You both look so young! Not to say that you’re old now…

  2. You’re old now. 🙂

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