In sickness and in health

We’ve spent these sick days doing not much of anything. That is to say, I’VE been doing not much of anything, primarily focusing my energies on reading, sleeping, and watching old TV episodes on hulu. Sure, a few other things happened as well. Miniscule quantities of toast, tea, oranges, and shredded wheat were consumed. Contagious children were maligned, hands were wrung in distress, the passive voice was over-employed, and puking was narrowly avoided.

The OTHER human inhabitant of this apartment, in between activities too indelicate to mention here, managed to read part of Anne Frank’s diary (in the original Dutch), code some Newton documents, and complete 15 lessons in Wheelock’s Latin Grammar. For him to ignore a perfectly valid reason for avoiding mental exertion is hard for me to comprehend. Has the man no sense of self-preservation? (To be fair, we did finish Season One of Flight of the Conchords, play TF2, sleep 10 hours every night, and harass the cats together, at least.)

This leads me to one dreary conclusion: that our common interests will gradually drift apart as the years of our marriage unravel behind us, until the only thing we find mutually enjoyable is watching the pilot episode of 30 Rock over and over and over again. Until death do us part.

Then again, would that be so bad? I am a Jedi! I am a Jedi!


~ by themeansister on January 18, 2009.

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