The cats are confused. You should have seen them skulking around the apartment yesterday afternoon. I couldn’t get a clear picture of them because of the incessant circling and sniffing. It cracks me up the way their hindquarters hunker down as they inch from room to room, skittering sideways at the slightest sound (that alliteration was unintentional, if you can believe it). Right now they’re in hiding because the AT&T guy is coming in and out to set up our phone line. No DSL for a few days, so we’ll have to keep stealing borrowing from our neighbors. It’s such a drag, because only our laptop has a network card, so I’m back on this old dinosaur trying to upload pictures at 2 KB/hour or whatever it is. I’ve been spoiled since we returned from the Netherlands; some of those older posts took up to three hours to finish.



The house is still a mess – where did all of this stuff come from? I distinctly remember hauling bags and bags to Goodwill and the dumpster back in August. I guess the longer you live, the more things accumulate. That’s depressing. I better get off my duff and go do something about it. Toodles.


~ by themeansister on January 6, 2009.

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