Shrimp, shoes, and manslaughter

A week ago, as we set the table for Christmas dinner, Mom and I had a little trouble getting the candles to stand up straight in their holders. A particularly recalcitrant taper lead to this little Mom gem: “Sorry, candle, it looks like you’ll need an operation. Someone get me the gin.” What she intended to do with it isn’t entirely clear to me.

We had a faux New Year’s Eve dinner last night, complete with hot wings, smoked sausages, veggies, chocolate, a Harry and David onion and pickle relish dip with chips, spinach dip, and shrimp dejong. All participants had either slept through the beginning of the new year or had been too busy watching movies to notice it, so we had some snacking to make up for.



We were meant to go back to B-ton today, but, well, we just didn’t make it. Instead, I picked out my Christmas present (Keen shoes! So cute! And my favorite color!) and a yummy candle. You know we’re in an economic downturn when Yankee Candle puts all of their merchandise on sale.



By the by, how many Herbs do you suppose were killed in the making of this product? Mmm…fresh cut Herbs…so scrumptious.

(Shouldn’t it be “freshly cut herbs”? Are the herbs fresh and cut, or are they freshly cut? I FIND THIS IRRITATING.)


~ by themeansister on January 4, 2009.

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