Midnight wrestling, Audubon birds, and Risk

Oh, and a little Drambuie for flavoring.


The last few posts have been pretty text-light, photo-heavy. This is probably not going to be an exception to that trend. The bigger pictures look awesome on my also awesome new monitor, so who am I to deny that much awesomeness?

We’ve been going on some evening walks, Himself, Himself’s hairy younger brother, and I. The snow and ice have vanished almost entirely, and it was quite drippy last night.



It looks like they’re having a happy, brotherly, good-time hugfest, but they’re actually trying to crush, destroy, and utterly humiliate each other.



Our Christmas presents from Seattle showed up – yay!


For Christmas, my sister gave us all the bird. Her joke, not mine. I’ve never said anything HALF that crude in my whole life.




And then the Concerned Sister and I took over the world. Oh, there were mighty, pitched battles, but we prevailed.


Pretty good day, all things considered.


~ by themeansister on December 29, 2008.

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