Say it with a snow globe

Today I finally dragged out the box of mail that’s been accumulating over the past three months. My parents took care of technical details for us while we were gone (thanks, guys!), so it mostly contained old church bulletins, out-of-date offers, and other unremarkable paraphernalia.  However, I did find a little treasure that all of you Hillsdale alums out there will probably recognize: my very own “Pursuing Truth” and “Defending Liberty (since 1844)” faux snow globe. It’s made of cardboard and plastic, springs into shape at the slightest touch, and can be easily incorporated into your holiday decor.


I can just see the staff up at Central Hall scratching their heads as they pondered the best possible way to combine a season’s greeting with a firm stance for truth and liberty. A candy cane tattooed with Margaret Thatcher’s face, perhaps? Some George Bush fruitcake? Maybe a Rush Limbaugh decorative tin brimming with mixed nuts?

“NO,” declared Larry P. Arnn, sashaying majestically into the room, “I have the perfect solution.” Voilá, the 2008 memorial faux snow globe.

And, you know, he may be onto something. Had a marital spat requiring an apology? Say it with a snow globe. Want to tell the boss what you really think of her? Say it with a snow globe. Time to break it off with your lover? SAY IT WITH A SNOW GLOBE.

So next week when I sit down to write my monthly check to the Hillsdale College Loan Office, I’ll enclose my snow globe with a little note: “Please deduct the cost of this snow globe from my outstanding loan, or for the love of all that is good and holy, don’t ever again waste my tuition dollars on this tacky crap.”

Bah humbug.


~ by themeansister on December 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “Say it with a snow globe”

  1. hahah!! Keith has his displayed prominently on our bookshelf.

  2. What??? The kids loved ours…(until I pitched it a few days ago)
    It has real college students on the front! How could anything be better?

  3. Actually, it’s pretty nifty, if an unsuccessful attempt to mix messages!

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