Adventure! Romance! Drama! INDIANA.

We’re home! You probably figured that out already. We rolled in around 11 Wednesday night, and I’m not altogether sure what has happened between then and now, what with the jet lag and the sick. Lungs are screaming, eyeballs throbbing, and my sense of where the heck I am is seriously screwed up. So, where am I?

Oh yeah, it’s where there’s A FOOT OF SNOW ON THE GROUND.


Okay, more like 5 inches, but still.

Some have said that it’s going to get boring around here now that I don’t lead such a smooth, cool, hot, edgy, way-out, totally fab cosmopolitan lifestyle. I present those killjoys with a resounding raspberry. Who says Indiana isn’t cool? It’s the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas, the….woodchuck’s…um…lingerie. Or something. It’s really hip here! and exciting!  And I’ll prove it to you.

Behold: Northwest Indiana, Pride of the Potawatomi and Eighth Wonder of the Western World.


ADVENTURE! Watching the removal of leaf piles from their downy beds of snow has never been more scintillating.


ROMANCE! I would dearly LOVE to be asleep right now. Or at least have my head and thorax transplanted. Kind of like that romantic comedy with Minnie Driver and David Duchovny (except not really).


DRAMA! Will Bob the cat wrest the pork roast from Seriously-Needing-A-Haircut Guy, or will he once more temporarily bow to the wishes of his human overlord until the time of the triumphant cat uprising (tentatively scheduled for June 2009)?


Adventure! Romance! Drama! And you thought Indiana wasn’t cool. Psh.


~ by themeansister on December 5, 2008.

One Response to “Adventure! Romance! Drama! INDIANA.”

  1. Welcome home!!! We got your message on the phone yesterday, and the kids were listening in disbelief, going, “is that Z–?!??!!”

    So, when are you coming to babysit, er, I mean VISIT?

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