No babies, no heat, and too much sleep

Haven’t been feeling too well the last few days (nothing serious, and NO, I’M NOT PREGNANT, sheesh), so this morning I made the terrible decision to sleep in and then take a nap. Within about an hour of getting up. Until around 3. So now it’s 11:51 at night, and I’m all, hey, where’s the party, let’s go, let’s have some fun, let’s swim in the canals, let’s jog to Amsterdam, let’s crabwalk to Paris, let’s go light the train station on fire! YEAH!!! And my husband, who actually worked all day, is slumped on the couch, pleading for mercy, while I dance around the room in my two pairs of socks and three shirts, because the water heater still isn’t working properly, and the jeans I’ve worn for the past, oh, week or so, because it’s Europe and I’m allowed. But I feel great.

Some assorted thoughts in the hopes that my brain will wind down and shut the hell up and let me go to sleep:

We’ve been here long enough for everything to feel normal. Even not being able to speak the language or understand what’s going on in passing conversations seems standard now, and I’m always surprised to hear English spoken. I’d sometimes wondered how people could stand to live in a foreign country and never learn the native language, but now I know. It’s easy. You pick up some customs and ignore others. Soon I’ll stop bathing entirely, but I’ll never prefer my french fries with mayonnaise rather than ketchup. NEVER.

Some of you with blogs may have noticed an uptick in your blog stats since around the middle of September. Yeah, you might not want to get too excited about that. I’m pretty much compulsively checking your blogs seven thousand times a day, even on the days when I can only steal a few precious computer seconds while that guy’s up getting a drink of water or something. So while you may have suddenly become wildly popular, you might want to temper your enthusiasm on the off chance that I’ve just refreshed your webpage 73 times in the last 5 minutes.

Oh, by the way, we do have tickets to a football game in Amsterdam on November 16! It’s Ajax vs. PSV Eindhoven, and I don’t know much about either team, but we’re going with our housemates and it should be sold out and rowdy, so I’m excited. That is, I think we have tickets; either that, or Ernst just made himself a cool 70 euros off the gullible Americans.

In further travel news, we should be spending about 2 weeks in London, including a trip to Oxford, beginning around the first of November, and we’ll probably go to Amsterdam this weekend as well. I’ve been perusing our Rick Steves’ guide to Amsterdam, Brussels and Bruges (effin’ Bruges!) for items of interest. We’re roughly halfway through our stay and haven’t seen nearly as much as I’d planned on seeing, but that’s going to change here shortly. We’ve got some silly, colored European money to burn through, and, by gum, that’s just what we’re going to do.


That’s a whole lot of run-on sentences for one night. I wonder if I could get some kind of prize. Like the Most Obnoxious Post Ever Award, or the Worst Blog for English Majors Laminated Certificate of Honor. Or even the Oh-My-Sainted-Aunt-Stop-Writing-Now Blogger of the Year gold-plated statuette. Something like that.

Sweet dreams.


~ by themeansister on October 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “No babies, no heat, and too much sleep”

  1. I’m not pregnant either.

  2. Yay, go us!

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