Ill-gotten gains and weak tea

Good heavens, it’s almost midnight. I’ve lost a bit of that blogging fervor, I suppose, so it’s getting harder to write these. Some of that comes from having the use of a computer for a grand total of 13.2 minutes each day, but who’s complaining? The money resulting from the previous post is pouring in at a great rate. Have no fear, my little insufficiently-experienced-yet-still-running-for-the-highest-offices-in-the-land Obamas and Palins of the future. Your secrets are safe with me. *wink*

We’ve been enjoying our long afternoon weekend walks, and the light yesterday around 4:30 was stunning. (It almost reminded me of a Flemish painting. Ha ha.)

This is the top of the old law school, we believe. Not sure what it’s currently used for.

This is just a picture of a picture, but it gives an idea of the location and appearance of the Burcht (see previous posts).

Unfortunately, the Pieterskerk, the neatest church in Leiden – I guess it contains the crypts of all the really cool dead guys – is closed for renovations.

We tried to break in – O, mighty fists of academic fury! – but were unsuccessful.

Here’s the city courthouse, with its original facade – most of the building was destroyed by fire some time ago, but this part remained.

Yeah, this is what we eat for breakfast now. Except the puddings, which are just there to balance out the picture. The cereal is pretty much like mushed up oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and the hazelnoot pasta: well! It’ll change your life.

Here’s a shout out to my brother.

We had a very pleasant time this evening with a fellow American researcher, and nearly decided to stay until 2 to see the Boston Red Sox play the Tampa Bay Rays. Sadly, we could not, for this thought bored me quite to death, and I had to be carried home and revived with Speculaas and weak tea.


~ by themeansister on October 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Ill-gotten gains and weak tea”

  1. aww…i got my very own shout out.

    Oh, and I’m drinking Franzia boxed wine in a solo cup with ice cubes. I just don’t understand why I was blessed with such classiness.

  2. My husband says (and I second): at least you’re wholly committed to classilessness. No Franzia with ice cubes in a wine glass, or Franzia without ice cubes in a solo cup, or decent wine with ice cubes in a solo cup, no siree! You go ALL OUT on being boorish! Huzzah!

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