Chunky monkey

Another beautiful day, o best beloved. We went poking about town for some fresh air and to walk off those extra Heineken pounds. Diet’s not going so well, I’m afraid. The poor husband’s as tubby as ever.

To cheer him up, I commissioned this Rubens-esque lady to dance for us.

And, now, the fabled, long-awaited, oft-mentioned, magical fun times West Gate! Or Galgpoort, as it used to be called: Gallows Gate. Hard to imagine dead bodies swinging about, though, isn’t it? Do try. Supposedly there was a Gallows Field as well, but the only things currently outside the gate were a canal, a road, and a parking lot. Kind of a disappointment, I gotta say.

At least there was a cannon. I’m going to pack this puppy in my carry-on.

Proof positive of our location. Yep. Doesn’t get dutchier than this.

Oh, good. I was afraid I had missed the cow parade.

Tragically, the day took a turn for the worse when That Guy was fangoriously devoured by a gelatinous monster.

So now I guess I’m off to see if Alan Rickman’s voice is still single. Wish me luck.


~ by themeansister on October 12, 2008.

One Response to “Chunky monkey”

  1. I’ve been warning “That Guy” for a long time that he was on the verge of morbid obesity.

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